Documentation 2

The Pop theme is a fully-responsive Shopify theme by Tetchi that looks great on desktop, mobile, tablets, and any other device! Its features include:

  • Dropdown menus for sub-categories
  • Responsive slideshow (FlexSlider)
  • Subcategorizing collections using tags
  • Built-in Google Fonts`
  • Easy integration with AddThis Social media buttons
  • Customizable social icons
  • Upload custom ads on your homepage
  • Feature collections directly on your frontpage
  • ... and more!

Customer Accounts:

The Pop theme also comes with fully-styled customer accounts pages. To see what the customer accounts pages look like, you can log in by clicking the "Login" button in the left column. You can use the following credentials:

Password: poptheme


Theme Settings:

The Pop theme's Theme Settings form is easy to use and allows you to customize your theme without any code.



You will find that you will need to use no code to get your shop just the way you imagined through the Colors section of Pop. You'll be able to customize the background for your shop along with the colors applied to the Text, Links Buttons, Navigation, Collections Pages and the Footer among other details. 



The Homepage allows you to feature any combination of a carousel, page content, a collection and promotional graphics. 



On the Collection Page you can give your customers the ability to sort your products which would be done by the tags assigned to your Products. You also have the ability to show as little or as many products on a given Collection Page. 



If your Products require that your customers must first agree to the Terms and Conditions before making a purchase, you'll be happy to find this option built right into the theme. 


If you have any questions about the Pop theme, please contact